About Free Zone Skopje 3

The total projected area of the Skopje 3 free zone is 43.84 hectares. Skopje 3 free zone occupies a first class location - 10 km east of the capital Skopje, on the crossroad of the Corridors 8 and 10.

Skopje 3 free zone will have direct highway exchange with corridor 8 and is approximately 3 km away from E-75 Highway. Alexander the Great International Airport is 5 km away from the Skopje 3 free zone (1 km airline distance) and is suitable for cargo and passengers intercontinental flights. The nearest national rail station is located approximately 6 km from Skopje 3 free zone and the nearest sea port is in Thessaloniki (Greece), 230 km away from the Zone.