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Zones at a Glance

As a representative body of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Free Zones Authority manages the administrative affairs of all zones within the country.

The Free Zones Authority currently manages three fully operational zones: Skopje 1 and 2 in the capital, and one in Stip, the largest town in eastern Macedonia. The zone in Tetovo is currently operating as a public private partnership, and is in the process of implementing its first investment projects. Simultaneously, eleven zones intended for equal economic advancement of all regions in Macedonia are in various stages of development.

In accordance with the Free Zones Authority's concept and mission, we strive to become an international business hub in South-Eastern Europe by providing world-class infrastructure supported with service excellence and incentives unparalleled anywhere in the region and wider.

100% foreign ownership, 0% tax and customs duties, no municipality taxes, symbolic land lease rate and direct State Aid in the amount of up to 500.000 EUR are only one segment of the value proposition that provides the most competitive operating environment in the region.

Free Zones Authority's duty is establishing a service center within each of the zones, providing consultation and services for users of the zones. Users can expect first-rate administrative services and expeditious customs clearance. The Free Zones Authority carries out a one-stop service mode, and its management model closely follows international practice, ensuring maximum investor benefits. 

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